Established in 2001, FAMIDOC is dedicated to designing and manufacturingthe home health and baby care products. Our vision is

to improve life quality and human well-being by supplying affordable,convenient and reliable health care products to more

families around the world. Our products include infraredthermometer, digital thermometer, arm blood pressure monitor,
TENS & EMS stimulator, etc. Our products are approved by CE1639 certificates and FDA 510(K) market-entrance license and
Domestic Class II medical devices registration approval. All raw,materials comply with ROHS directive and all products are
processed under ROHS technology to ensure every product,conforms to ROHS requirements.
In 2001, FAMIDOC was certified by ISO13485 and ISO9001.
In 2005, FAMIDOC established YY/T 0287 domestic quality managementsystem.
In 2011, FAMIDOC introduced and established QSR820, ISO13485under CMDCAS quality management systems, finally sucessfully
kept the four systems running in compatible and intergratedconditions.
In 2012, FAMIDOC joined Japanese MHLW Ministerial OrdinanceNo.169 quality system and got the Accreditation Certification
issued by Japan government.
In June of 2017, we got the first MDSAP certificate in China (MedicalDevice Single Audit Program) which is issued by SGS United
Kingdom Ltd.
FAMIDOC has achieved to implement the fully automatedproduction line and has many years'experiences of OEM/ODM
service in home health care industry.
FAMIDOC owns well-known brands such as Famidoc and also hascooperated closely with the world-renowned brands BRAUN,
COSTCO, Honeywell, Walgreens, Walmart and China Xiaomi Mihome ecological chain to continuously launch the new intelligent
and accurate thermometers, TENS & EMS stimulator and bloodpressure monitor etc.
Now FAMIDOC has owned over 60 kinds of invention patents andutility model patents for various product and also is a national
high-tech enterprise.
FAMIDOC welcomes professional partners to join us to create anew era in this prosperous field.